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Radiant Floors

A heat pump unit has the ability to heat and cool your home.  It pumps heat out of your home during warmer summer months, and it collects the heat from outside into your home to warm it during winter. 

Heat Pump

Air Conditioners


Radiant floor heating heats your body and objects in the room, not the air itself.  The warm air stays down around the floor where it is needed most.  This allows your home to have a comfortable, even heat throughout. 

A boiler heats hot water to produce heat which is then distributed throughout your home to provide heat in the winter. 

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Ductless Heat Pump
More Comfort with radiant floors

Ductless systems allow more flexibility for heating and cooling options.  Since ductwork is not needed, you can set your home up with multiple zones.  An outdoor unit is placed outside, while indoor air handlers direct the heat and cool air where you want it.

A furnace is part of a heating system which uses natural gas or oil to transfer heat into your home.  Oil or gas drawn from a storage tank into the furnace is burned by the furnace.  The gasses exit the home through a chimney or a power venter.  The air from the house is drawn through the ductwork, into the furnace, and warm air is distributed back into the house through the vents.

Dual Heat Pumps



Ductless Systems

The air conditioner system provides cool air through ductwork inside of your home.  The AC unit draws out the warm air inside of the home and removes the heat.  This heat is then released through the outdoor unit and cooled air is released into the home.

The EPA has recognized geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home.  Using the Earth as a source of warm and cool air, the geothermal system provides heating and cooling in your home.