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Eight out of ten fires start in residential homes.  Fires in homes spread very quickly.  Protect your family from a deadly fire, and the resulting smoke and high temperatures by installing a home sprinkler system.  Each sprinkler head in the system operates independently and will only activate in the rooms that have high temperatures.  Contact us to get an estimate on your in-home sprinkler system today. 

Do you have hard water?  We can install a system that will remove the metals found in your water.  Hard water can lead to staining of your water fixtures, skin issues and issues with your heating and cooling systems.   We also provide a complementary water test with the installation of your water conditioner system.  This test  indicates the presence of Iron, PH, and hardness.

Water Heater

Well Pumps

Call us for all of your plumbing needs.  We can perform installations and repairs.   Keep the water flowing freely into and out of your property with complete plumbing service from our technicians. We do renovations, additions, remodels, new home installation, repairs, and troubleshooting using quality products.

Snow melt system

Tired of shoveling snow during winter months?  We can install a driveway or sidewalk snow melt system which will, with the flip of a switch, melt the snow!  No shoveling required. 

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Sump Pumps

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Water heaters

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We also offer water testing for the presence of Iron, PH and hardness for customers that opt not to purchase a water softener, for a small service fee.  In order to test for the presence of bacteria, there would be an additional charge for the lab fee. 

A sump pump will remove the water that accumulates in your basement due to rain or a rise in the natural ground water.  We can install this in your basement for added protection.

We install and service water heaters.   Whether you are in need of a tankless water heater or a standard Bradford White® water heater, contact Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. for your estimate. 

A well pump extracts water from your water well, bringing it into your home for use in your plumbing system. 

Driveway & Sidewalk Snow Melt System