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When the power goes out, is your home ready? For an hour or so, maybe the flashlights and candles are amusing, but what if the power is out for several hours, a day, or more? A single ice storm can leave you in the dark for days. Frozen and refrigerated foods can spoil, cooking can become impossible, and your family's safety may be in jeopardy.

Why suffer through another night of no electric after a storm, when you can have the professionals at Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. install a new generator?  Already have a generator that is giving you an issue, call us to service it. 

Maintain your units

Contact Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. for a free estimate on installing a new heating and cooling system to meet your needs.  Our professional staff will provide you with a written estimate detailing what you need to accomplish total comfort in your home or business.

Furnace repairs  Heating pumps  Central Air  Humidifiers  Thermostats
Air conditioning  Boilers  Forced Hot Air  Baseboard Heat  Ductless  CO detectors
Radiant Heat

We offer several different service contracts to meet your budget.  All of our contracts are offered on an annual basis, and meet the necessary maintenance requirements of your systems.

Plans are available for heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as for oil heating systems and backup generators. Packages include inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups that help you get longer life and more dependable service from your systems.

unfiltered air pollutants

Call us for all of your plumbing needs.  We handle all aspects of plumbing, including whole house installations, water heater installations and well pump installations and replacements. 

​Water Heaters – Standard Tank and Tankless   Sewer Line Inspection
Sump Pumps – Standard Electric & Battery Backup  Sewage Pumps and Systems
Main Shut-off Valves, Any type of Shut-off Valves  Pressure Reducing Valves
Expansion Tanks, Shut-off Switches, and Alarms   Hot Water Recirculating Pumps  Water Supply Lines  Outside hose Bibs  Install Customer-supplied Faucets and Fixtures  Drain lines, Gas lines, Sewer lines  Well pump replacements and repairs   Toilet installation, Rebuilds, and Replacements
Garbage Disposals and Dishwasher Installation  Bathroom Shower & Tub repairs and replacements  Mixing Valves  Ice Maker lines  Gas and propane lines  

Call Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. for all of your installation and service needs.  (570) 992-2806.


Annual or Bi-Annual Contracts

Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. offers duct cleaning services and air filtration installation and service.  Why suffer from allergies when you can breathe in fresh, clean and filtered air?  Contact us today to find out how to lessen your allergies.

Humidifiers  Dehumidifiers  HEPA Filtration Systems  Electronic Air Cleaners  Duct Cleaning  

HVAC installations

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